Stacianery's stated mission is to provide Art for the price of a greeting card. And to keep paper alive.

Now through her Studio Shoppe, a local and tourist destination, just outside the picturesque village of Skaneateles, she has created a place to visit and shop. In her Studio Shoppe you can find hand-made and custom made greeting cards as well as Skaneateles imagery in an array of gift formats ranging from one dollar to a hundred, from bookmarks to large matted prints.

Stacianery's unique concept of a Card Bar, a one-stop-mail shoppe, effortlessly encompasses all facets of card sending from writing to mailing all under one Studio roof. This concept vies with the nowaday convenience of email while still giving something real, and tangible.

In a time where one's thoughts can be erased by a single click, the expression of a sentiment through a vehicle that is physically handled by both sender and recipient, carries a far more enduring message.

Stacianery. Making good use of paper.